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God plants dreams in all of us. We have dreams for our career, dreams for our homes, for our relationships and our future in general, but with high speed internet always at our beck and call it can make it more difficult to be patient with the things that truly matter when we look up from the screen.

We can't expect our lives to come together as quickly as Google finds what we've hit the search button for.

We certainly have the ability to achieve the dreams that God planted within us, but what we lack is the patience to produce them.

Think about the times you rushed into a decision only to regret making it later. We do this all the time because we fall prey to the pressures of the success of our peers, the expectations of our parents and even our own perception of who we think should be at a certain time.

Many people make decisions based upon how they wish to be perceived rather than what serves them at the core of who they were created to be.


What we need to put more focus on is practicing the discipline that it takes to lay down a firm foundation before we hop into a situation that looks good on the outside, but is soon to self-destruct.

The things that we ask God for require a Godly level of patience.


The desires that we have for the things that are excellent, the things that are high quality and long-lasting, take careful planning & serious effort to put together. We can't expect to get into a "vehicle" that was poorly constructed and have a smooth, consistent ride to our destination. We can only expect a ton of delays caused by the need for repair,  a total breakdown, or worse - a crash that results in the need for recovery. In other words, it will inevitably leave you driving yourself into failure.

The "Time Waited is Time Gained Tee" reminds us to slow down and take the time to acknowledge warning signs in order to avoid the need to pick up the pieces left behind after a crash. By doing so, we make it to our desired destination more quickly, more enjoyably and with less pain.






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Proverbs 21:5

Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.


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