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Social Media Management

Overexposed Souls' Agency creates social media campaigns, content and strategies for our clients based upon their vision's specific needs. Use the contact form below for a full discussion of pricing and services before signing up.

BASIC management PLAN



  • Up to 7 posts per week

  • Posting schedule for the following month must be approved at least one week prior to beginning transaction

  • Content MUST be gathered and approved at least one week before posting schedule begins

  • Subscription reoccurs every 7 days

  • Ability to Cancel anytime

*For more advanced social media plans and strategies please fill out the Contact Form below to discuss pricing.*

Social Strategy content creation

Content creation for each social media campaign is based upon the specific needs of a client's endeavors.


Services available to create content include:

  • Photography

  • Commercials

  • Graphic Designs

This content creation pricing is only available to client's who agree to the minimum (basic) plan for our social media management. Content creation MUST be discussed and approved of at least one week before signing up.

Payment is nonreccurring.


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