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Overexposed Souls is a Christian brand that exists to enhance people's lives by "letting the light in."

Overexposed Souls is a 501c3 registered nonprofit.


The brand's name stems from overexposed photography which happens when an image is exposed to too much light. Our ministry exposes people's souls to the light of God so we can reflect His image.


Overexposed Soul's mission is to use creativity as a mechanism to teach individuals about biblical principles and how to apply them in everyday life. Putting these principles into practice helps people realize their worth, actualize their full potential and obtain the abundant life Christ gave his life for us to live.


Overexposed Souls' founder is Kristen Culbreath, a graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design, full-time artist + designer, and ordained minister who utilizes her talents to promote the Kingdom of God.



Got questions? Email us at OverexposedSouls@gmail.com

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